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Awesome Trade Alerts

If you’re looking for the right stocks to trade, TradingHub is for you. We know where to focus Hot Sectors, Breaking News , and can show you where to direct your attention.

Professional Trader Support

We truly care about our crew which is why we alert the best risk/reward trades Good Risk Management possible. You will appreciate the level of risk management we provide.

Consistently Large Gains

We aim for a minimum daily goal of $1k. It is common for us to go well beyond our goal $400/Day = $100k/Year and realize gains of $5-$7k by the end of the day.

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With over $350,000 in realized gains alerted every year Over $10k A Week! , TradingHub serves up profits on a silver platter! Simply put, its the place to be for crystal clear and consistent Every Trade Given In Detail! day trade alerts in the markets. We give you the edge with our alerts and market commentary. We dramatically reduce the learning curve and make profiting easy.

TradingHub is a premium day trading alert and live chat service. Our mission is to provide an atmosphere where traders of all skill levels can share ideas and profit in. We are a crew of dedicated, professional, and profitable traders. Experienced traders will find themselves reaching new levels and bigger gains than they’ve ever had before. New traders will dramatically reduce their learning curve, picking up on necessary skills and techniques, while avoiding beginner mistakes.
Once a member of the crew, you will see the value on day one. With alerts that have the potential to net thousands of dollars in gains, your monthly or annual membership can pay for itself on day one! This service literally pays for itself. We give our crew the edge with the same breaking news that trading institutions are getting before they hit the major wires. Our detailed watch lists will have you prepared for the next day so your focus can be narrowed. Join us, and see what you are missing.
TradingHub's Mission Statement
Delivering Actionable Alerts
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Amazing Tools To Build A Bigger Portfolio

  • Once a member you will have access to our exclusive Trading Floor.
  • Detailed daily watch lists will have you prepared for the next day.
  • Join our hedge fund to get the power of institutional traders.
  • View transcripts to educate yourself and see what you missed.
  • Never miss a trade with our real-time updating daytrade portfolio.
  • Real-time chat room delivering alerts and news before it hits wires.
  • Yearly Membership
  • $36500yearly
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Financial Freedom, Let’s See What Some Users Have To Say?

We love our crew 80% Annual Members , and are fully dedicated to making HUGE trade alerts. When you join TradingHub, you won’t ever have to worry We Are Here To Help! about trading alone!

Been in a few different rooms and none compare to TradinghHub. It is transparent and you will make money. Alerts are called in real time with entry, position size, stop and exit. They pick winners. Making money with TradingHub is easy and I plan on being a long-time member.
skip9319, Crew Member
I’ve been a member of TradingHub for six months now and realized immediately that I found my home. The moderators are skilled traders who are NOT just about making money, but they are passionate about trading. My suggestion to you is to join the crew, or watch us make money on TH’s Twitter feed.
iWood2, Crew Member
Simply put, they make it easy! All alerts are clearly posted, easy to follow, and they give updates on them and answer questions. Follow the alerts and you WILL bank. I started with $4k at a prop firm.. By following TH’s day trades I have now increased that to $17k in just under 3 months and I am NEW to trading! Unreal.
Simon, Crew Member
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