I can’t view certain content. What web browser should I be using?

Our website was designed, developed, and tested in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. All content works in these web browsers. Internet Explorer and Safari are not recommended to be used.. ever.

How does membership work?

Membership to TradingHub is a subscription service. If you choose the monthly option, you will be billed every month on the day you subscribed. You can cancel this membership at any time. If you decide to take advantage of the annual option, you will receive the benefit of reduced fees. The annual option is billed in full on the date you purchase it and you will receive 12 months of service. All sales are final and there are no refunds or pro-rated refunds. When you join, plan on staying around for your full term. Refunds are only given when there is an administrative error.

If I follow the alerts in live chat will I make as much money as the Head Traders?

How much money you make with our service is up to you. You are responsible for trading your OWN account. We are not saying that you are guaranteed to make as much as our head traders who have decades of trading experience. What we are offering is a complete open book to our trades which we alert in detail in live chat. It is up to you to decide which trades are right for your account, when to execute the trade, and when to take profits or cut a loss. We have traders who have made significantly more than our head traders and we’ve had traders who find out that trading is not right for them. Ultimately it is up to you to decide if you will make it as a trader or not. We are here to help as much as we can.

What size account do I need to use this service?

Zero. You can use our service without even having an account. Many traders start using our service with a “paper” account to get practice and gain experience before going live with real money. The minimum to open an account with our hedge fund is $5,000 and you will receive $100,000 in day trading buying power. This is more than enough to start with and make gains from the alerts in chat. Most retail brokers will have account minimums of $2,000 to open an account. However, we see the most success from traders who typically start with $5k-$10k accounts. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme. The smaller size account you start with, the longer it will take for you to build it and start realizing larger profits. Do not come in with the expectation to make $10,000 your first week with a $2,000 account.

Are my payments secure?

We use PayPal for payment processing. It doesn’t get any more secure than that.

What is the chat environment like?

We run a tight ship. There is absolutely NO off-topic chatter allowed during market hours. Posts in the main feed of chat should be strictly related to trade alerts, ideas, market news, breaking news, upgrade/downgrades, and anything else related to making potential trades. All off-topic chatter can be sent to the admins or crew members via private messages.

How many trades are taken at once?

Typically we are only in 1-2 trades at a time. We are looking for quality over quantity. We want trades that have the potential to move multiple dollars in a short amount of time. On average we make 4-7 trades on a normal day. However, the crew is continuously posting trade alerts and ideas throughout the day. Of course, market conditions will effect these numbers.

Help! I can’t access chat.

Take a deep breath. All you have to do is use our Contact page and send a quick message detailing the issue and error code if there is one. 99% percent of the time a member can’t log in is because they lost internet connection locally and our chat still views them as logged in. Each member can only be logged in from one location. An admin will have to reset your account and the issue should be resolved in minutes.

I want to join the crew! How do I sign up?

Visit our Membership page to create an account. If you need any help creating an account or have further questions please use our Contact page.

I am new to trading. Is this service right for me?

Absolutely! TradingHub is a great place to learn and watch professional traders in action. Your learning curve will be drastically reduced with our crew behind you. Following our alerts and advice prevents you from making critical mistakes. Always take it slow and trade at your own pace. Trading at a professional level takes experience and education, Trading Hub is an excellent place to enhance your skills. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, we are always here to help. Whether it is through private chat messages, emails, or our Q&A sessions.

How do I access live chat?

Once you are a member, make sure you are logged in and click on the Trading Floor to access members only content. Click on Live Chat to access.

What do you trade?

We trade small, mid, and large cap stocks. Meaning we trade stocks anywhere from $1 dollar to stocks over $500/per share such as AAPL. However, our bread and butter trades are stocks priced between $5 and $50. We trade stocks to both the long and short side. We typically do not make alerts on options, futures, or currency.

What is the trading style of the chat room?

We are primarily day traders, meaning that we open and close our positions during the market hours and are cash by the closing bell. This trading style has many advantages. It limits our risk, we are not at risk to overnight volatility. It also works well for part-time traders. You can show up to chat any day of the week and get fresh trading opportunities. Sometimes we will hold stocks overnight or a short period of time if we see potential opportunity. Swing trade ideas are mentioned in live chat and in the daily watch list. However, swing trading is not our main focus.

How are alerts made in live chat?

Alerts are always made crystal clear in chat. We provide the type of trade, long or short. We provide the position sizes we are taking. We provide the target or multiple targets we are looking for. We provide our stop or area of risk. We also make live updates while we are in the trade.

How do I know what the current positions are?

All positions are updated in real time in our Day Trading Portfolio. Trade type, position size, and entry price will all be given. Once you are a member, make sure you are logged in and click on the Trading Floor to access members only content. Click on Day Trading Portfolio to access.

How do I send a private message in chat?

To send a private message to an administrator or crew member simply double click on their name. An instant message window will appear. Private messaging is very useful since we run a NO off topic live chat. All questions and off topic conversation should be sent in a private message. Trade alerts, ideas, market action, news, and all other useful information should be posted in the main chat feed.

Where do I review the chat logs and Q&A sessions?

Every trading day’s trading transcript and Q&A transcript is logged. Once you are a member, make sure you are logged in and click on the Trading Floor to access members only content. Click on Chat Logs and/or Q&A Sessions to access.

How do I move and resize the chat screen?

In the chat box just above where you enter text, is a button with four blue arrows expanding. Click this button to float the chat screen. You can now resize, move, and minimize the chat screen.

How do I customize the chat room, such as format, sound, and notifications?

All customization to the chat room can be done from the options tab at the top of the chat screen.

How do I cease my membership?

You are responsible for canceling  your membership through PayPal. PayPal does this as a security feature. When you start a subscription at TradingHub you will be billed every month on that exact day you subscribed, for the annual subscription you will be billed every year on that exact day you subscribed. If you forget when you started your subscription, you can log into PayPal and check. Below is a detailed guide on how to cancel your membership.

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Profile
  4. Click on My Money
  5. Where it says My Pre-Approved Payments click on Update
  6. Click on TradingHub
  7. Scroll down and click Cancel Subscription