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Don’t trade the markets alone, Join our Crew Decades Of Experience of battle hardened traders! Simply put, it Pays for Itself $1k Daily Goal on day one and much more!

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Want To Trade With $100k Of Our Hedge Fund's Capital?

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  • Yearly Membership
  • $36500yearly
  • Priced Extremely Reasonably At $1.00/Day
  • Detailed Real-Time Actionable Alerts
  • Daily Watch List With Buy/Sell/Stop Targets
  • Weekly Question & Answer Sessions
  • Video Recap Of Trades With Explanation
  • No Commitment, Cancel Anytime
  • Monthly Membership
  • $4900monthly
  • Pays For Itself
  • Trade With An Experienced Crew
  • Actionable News Alerts Before They Hit Wires
  • Get Market Insight And Advice
  • Pre-market Rundown Of What To Watch
  • Never Trade Alone

Discover The Power Of Trading With A Professional Crew

One of the best aspects of membership is trading with our crew. Never Alone! Having +50 traders watching the markets and alerting trades has a higher rate of success than doing it on your own. Unsure about a trade? Lacking confidence? Questions about when to take a gain or cut a loss? That is what we are for! Drastically reduce your learning curve. Start learning first hand from successful traders. Get the opinions and advice from experienced traders, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! and stop making costly mistakes.

A Letter From Our Head Trader

Thanks for checking out TradingHub, a premium day trading alert and live chat service. My name is Ryan, also known as “TH” in our live chat, and I am the Head Trader as well as the Founder at TradingHub. I am a full time trader with a decade of experience. The first four of those years were in a professional setting working on trading floors and institutions. Some would say I am obsessed with trading, I like to call myself passionate about it. I spend countless hours educating myself, studying charts, doing research, and anything else I can to make myself a better trader. I am constantly refining my techniques to give me the edge. Every trade I make is fully detailed in our live chat.

What we have created here at TradingHub is an open book. As a member you literally get to look over my shoulder every day as I take on the markets. Every move I make is detailed in chat. From the trades I make fully detailed with price, position, targets, stops, etc., to my general opinion on the markets, advice, and everything in between. I am here to help new traders succeed and to get experienced traders to the next level.

As my personal portfolio grows exponentially year over year, so does the value and skill level provided by our crew members. Over the years many great traders have been calling TradingHub home and more and more are joining us. I have seen many new members start with little to no experience and a year later they are making consistent alerts and posting solid gains. I cannot express how grateful I am to be trading with such talented traders. As a member of the crew, not only do you get my personal experience, you get the experience and skills of the entire crew.

Whether you are just starting your trading career, hitting full stride, or just looking for something part-time for extra income, I am positive TradingHub will help you achieve your goals. The ability to share and exchange trading ideas and trading with a crew of professional traders is powerful. You will gain confidence and experience at an astronomical rate and you will not make the costly mistakes that you otherwise would when trading alone. The trading opportunities, experience, and advice provided by myself and the crew members is worth a thousand times more than the cost of membership. I sincerely hope you join us and see what we are offering and what you are currently missing out on. Best of luck.



Q&A With TH

What Is Your Trading Style?
How Did You Get Your Start?
What Indicators Do You Use?
Why Did You Start TradingHub?

Amazing Tools To Build A Bigger Portfolio

  • Once a member you will have access to our exclusive Trading Floor.
  • Detailed daily watch lists will have you prepared for the next day.
  • Join our hedge fund to get the power of institutional traders.
  • View transcripts to educate yourself and see what you missed.
  • Never miss a trade with our real-time updating daytrade portfolio.
  • Real-time chat room delivering alerts and news before it hits wires.

What Members Say

Been in a few different rooms and none compare to TradinghHub. It is transparent and you will make money. Alerts are called in real time with entry, position size, stop and exit. They pick winners. Making money with TradingHub is easy and I plan on being a long-time member.
skip9319, Crew Member
Simply put, they make it easy! All alerts are clearly posted, easy to follow, and they give updates on them and answer questions. Follow the alerts and you WILL bank. I started with $4k at a prop firm.. By following TH’s day trades I have now increased that to $17k in just under 3 months and I am NEW to trading! Unreal.
Simon, Crew Member
I’ve been a member of TradingHub for six months now and realized immediately that I found my home. The moderators are skilled traders who are NOT just about making money, but they are passionate about trading. My suggestion to you is to join the crew, or watch us make money on TH’s Twitter feed.
iWood2, Crew Member
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