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After I spent a few months in the room I knew that I found my home for trading. I’ve now been in the TradingHub crew for several months and am amazed at everything that I have learned. When I started I knew nothing about day trading. I struggled in the beginning and quickly made all of the mistakes that new traders usually do. From watching TH trade every day, going to the Q&As, following his recommendations, and reading the information on the website along with a few book recommendations, I begin analyzing the fundamental mistakes I was making and correcting them. Several months later I am consistently making money each month from TH’s alerts. Sometimes even from other crew members or venturing into my own trades as I become more experienced. I can’t thank TH enough for all of his help. Finding this room has changed my life. I look forward to continuing to trade with the crew and make even more profits this year and beyond!
PatrickB, Crew Member
Quite simply, in this chat room you will find yourself with 2 solid traders that give their trades live in the room, along with entry prices, suggested stop points and potential targets. You will know when they enter and when they exit. The daily watch list is a great starting point for your daily analysis, and the site contains a healthy amount of education, although the real educational value will be obtained by asking questions in the chat room (hey, you should expect to work a little ! ;p). Members in the room are profiting regularly from the watch list setups and the live calls.
SmellTheCoffee, Crew Member
You get more than you pay for. +10 years experience. I like it. I make money. Definitely worth checking out.
JimB, Crew Member
If you consider yourslef a trader and you don’t make money off alerts from this service. You are NOT a trader. Period. Today was a perfect example of that. I have been a member for over a year and seen traders come and go, but the good ones stay and the atmosphere in the room has only gotten better with better traders making better alerts. I personally don’t make alerts in the chat often but I use the message system to chat with TH daily. I can say wihout a doubt I would not be where I am at today without his advice and guidance. The dude is an open book and you can ask him anything and he will give you an honest answer. He will tell you straight up hes not a teacher, but he really is and just doesnt know it. Ive tried a few other places since I’ve belonged to TH and I always cancel. TH is alerting better trades earlier and more accurately, and he also takes the time for you. Thats about it really! The place is great for me. I consider TH to be a friend and mentor. After reading the other reviews I thought I would give my .02 cents. Works awesome for me and I make a modest living doing it. Tried other places and none seemed as right. To each their own I guess.
TonyTrade, Crew Member
I wanted to give TH and his crew a review here and thank them. TH does not promote his site which I love, but I want to let others know this is the real deal. If you have any experience whatsoever you WILL MAKE MONEY. It’s that simple. The calls in the live chat room made by TH and other members have the potential to make gains of thousands of dollars daily. I recently joined their prop firm and couldn’t be happier. It gave me the tools to make the trades I couldn’t afford. I received $100k buying power through the firm to day trade with. Since I opened the account I have made $500-$1,000 dollars a day just following TH’s trades alone.. Long story short this is the place to be! Easy money. The room is friendly and helpful. No ego’s or negative energy. I gave a 3/5 for entertainment because these guys are no BS during trading hours. The only chat you will see during the day is stock related. So if you are looking to mess around this is not the place. These guys take their job seriously. Thanks again!
CyGuy231, Crew Member
After reading all the past reviews and totally agreeing with all of them, I’m sitting here thinking if I can add anything but to say that even 5 stars doesnt give this site justice….there is one definite thing in regards to the site is that YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. I did start with a large account but large or small you will make gains. I made 35K in 3months and TH said that it was the SLOW SEASON..NOV TO FEB IS THE HOT SEASON and he is PUTTING “YOUR” MONEY WHERE “HIS” MOUTH IS….he is averaging OVER 1K per trading day this month and one day his gains topped out at OVER 4K for a day of trading….all for an undervalued cost. I started to feel guilty that I was only paying this guy under $37 a month (discount on yearly subscription) so I intend on sending TH a nice Christmas gift…haha.. As far as the members what a great bunch…the morale and support are unbelivable…everyone is pulling for you its like a family. Everyone is very helpful..and all questions are answered promptly and thoroughly. Trading hub has been a life changer for me ..I hope you have the same experience. Thanks, TH. Ray
Ray5503sc, Crew Member
Paid for itself in 1 trade! I was referred to the TradingHub website through a friend who is also a member. The Live Chat is perfect for me. I am now a stay at home mother after working in the financial industry for 7 years. I set my own work hours. If I want to work, I log into chat and there are always excellent trades to take every single day. These guys never take breaks and are always on their “A” game. My first trade at TradingHub I profited just under $500… I signed up for the yearly plan. Now every gain I make from the website is PURE PROFIT. Could not be happier with my new trading home!! Bottom line.
MrsQT1313, Crew Member
I have been with TH for several months now, and it is just the kind of group I have been looking for. TH makes real time live picks in chat every day, as well as maintains a trading account portfolio of all the positions, so you can see the results of past and present positions, which are fantastic. Other trades are also mentioned in chat by TH, as well as other top notch traders, with opinions of the degree of risk as well as entry and exit points if traders decide to take them. DT at the site is another moderator and is the long term swing trader with amazing results as well. They don’t just make picks but also help to educate traders of all levels to increase their skills. Everybody is friendly and helpful and always willing to take the time to answer questions. I highly recommend this site!!
kkevdog, Crew Member
Best Live Chat I have been in.. Ever. I just wanted to give a shout out to this website.. They have one of the best live chats I have experienced.. and I have been around the block. The day trades on this website are unbelievable.. The gurus make awesome trades everyday and if you follow their alerts there is no reason you cannot bank.. Bottom line.. If you are looking for easy trading ideas that will have a 90% chance of returning you profit… and for the lowest monthly fee I have ever seen… You want to be with this website and trading crew… killing it in live chat everyday..
TradeFlipper856, Crew Member
I have been with TradingHub for three months now. During the first month I mostly just sat and observed how TH and DT trade. I believe for anyone who has a strong desire to search for a good team to learn trading, one need to at least try TradingHub for a month given their super decent fee. After the first month, I was satisfied enough to happily upgraded my membership to one year program without hesitation. TH does day trade and it’s an eye opening experience for me to see someone having a sustainable “steady gain” no matter what the market trend is. Most importantly, learning from TH has changed my investing habit. I no longer waste my time watching the market and end up not making a move due to fear. Studying TH’s watchlist helps me develop mine so I know what to focus on when the market opens. I became much more confident to place trades and close trades. By being in the chat room, TH really inspires me to turn my passion into dedication and helps me to stay more focus. His decency and friendliness make me feel very comfortable to be in the room along with all other experienced traders who are willing to share their own trades as well! It’s a group of people who are warm and encouraging. I now look forward to joining a prop firm so I can trade more of TH’s picks (A goal for 2013 hahaha). In addition, DT is another amazing guy who does swing trades. He knows when to trade and when not to trade and he would tell traders how much allocation ( a specific percentage of the portfolio) he invest on certain stocks and amazingly he is just as nimble. Different styles but both are rewarding. I really wish I could learn from TH and DT earlier when I first began my trading journey. However, the hard lessons I learned really made me become even more appreciative of what the group has done for me. I am not claiming I make huge money but I do profit way quicker (steady too! Little money adds up!) and I now BELIEVE that one can really make money despite this volatile market. You just need to learn from the best and see for yourself!
Happy1982, Crew Member
No regrets. I’m completely new at trading. I joined the chatroom two months ago after a couple of rough trades from my part… I started following TH’s trades and I can say that more often than not (8 times out of 10,I would say.), he nails it. Really great place for daytrading! There are two moderators, one for small cap and the oher one for large cap and both answer all your questions and give you awesome tips also.They also have great members with great insights and they let them give their ideas in chat. Also they advice when other chatrooms send alerts as well. All in all, a great experience, helped me make some $$$ while learning how to become a better trader.
KingBrutus, Crew Member
That’s right… MONEY is how I describe this service. Been a member for a few months now and this is by far the best website and chat room I have ever been in! And I have been in many.. BSS… IL.. Fous.. TradingHub and DarthTrader nail it everyday.. They come prepared to conquer and they do.. TradingHub is one of the best day traders I have ever seen.. He consistently goes 100% accurate on the days.. It is pretty unbelievable actually.. BUT BELIEVE IT! This guy will make you money guaranteed. When I log into the chat room everyday on the website.. I am expecting to have $300-$600 in profit by the end of the day.. They just simply make it that easy! All alerts are clearly posted.. easy to follow.. and they give updates on them and answer questions. Follow what he does.. and you WILL bank like he does. I started with $4k at a prop firm.. By following TH’s day trades I have now increased that to $17k in just under 3 months.. And I am NEW to trading.. That is the best part.. Unreal. Then you have Darth who has a crazy understand on the overall market.. He does a video recap every night which are very insightful. It really helps to wrap your head around the bigger picture. Darth is a swing trade.. and a damn good one! Hid overall insight on the markets I think is what makes him so good. He knows what sectors to buy and when. His alerts come in chat AND are sent through email and text message which I love. I have made enough money here in 3 months to pay for my subscription fee for the rest of my life! They should offer a lifetime sub fee! Haha! Chat room and website is great! I love the crew.. very helpful.. eyes always on the market! Hope to see you in there.. You will see what I mean.. Send me a PM!!!
Simonsays, Crew Member
Huge Profits So Far!
I just wanted to come give TradingHub a shout out cause I absolutely banked on their alerts this month.. One was straight from my phone! Love the mobile alerts!! But basically I am a new trader and have been with TH for just over month now.. I have made 5 trades on his alerts and profited on all of them. I wanted to give this review because I just cashed in over $3,000 on their most recent alert $GWBU.. In at .83 and sold at 1.35! The thing ended up going for almost 100% gain from their alert today!! I signed up for the yearly membership today with that gain.. heck that gain would give me 10 years at TradingHub! lol… I just want to say that with my skill level (being new) there is no way I should be making the gains that I am.. But by following these guys, it is impossible not to make ridiculous gains! Coming from a new trader.. THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE FOR A NEW TRADER!! Big shout out to TradingHub, DarthTrader, and the rest of the crew! Let’s keep it coming!! BOOOOOOOMMMM!! ~JoshStocks
JoshStocks, Crew Member
Nails it day in.. day out.. I wanted to give TradingHub a review to tell what he does with amazing accuracy that he does not promote.. actually I love this place because they are not worried about promoting whatsoever.. Yes.. they have by far the best prices I have ever subbed too.. Yes.. they have Official Alerts with Buy Sell Stop targets which are swings and they kill it.. What they do not promote and I find to be the best feature of TradingHub.. Is the sickest Day Trade calls they make in the live chat room every day.. TradingHub normally goes 4/4.. 5/5 on his day trades.. Pulls in sick bank daily.. Whenever he enters a daytrade.. I enter.. with full confidence it will make money 9 out of 10 times.. I like those odds.. I have been a day trader going on 2 years now.. So I have been around at other chats.. I now have a home.. with a group of traders who kill it.. couldn’t be happier.. and neither could my account! Keep it up TH.. I know you like to be under the radar.. but you deserve the credit! Bottom Line: Though it’s not advertised.. TH has the best Live Day Trading Room I have ever been apart of.. Experienced day traders.. this is the place for you..
SicklerTrades, Crew Member
$$Home Sweet Home$$ I’ve been a member of TradingHub for six months now and realized immediately upon joining that I found my home. TH and DT (the moderators) are skilled traders who are NOT just about making money, but they are passionate about trading. They strive to educate their members and have them become better traders. They provide daily watchlists with entry/exit/stops, articles about the market, market recap videos, educational resources, and real-time portfolio data. TH encourages members to email any questions and he always takes time to respond in detail. TH and DT shout live stock alerts in chat that are consistent and on fire. Chat includes traders of all levels that help each other out; there is a real sense of teamwork every day with participation from members, including myself, bringing trades to share as well. When you find someone, like TH and DT, that loves their job, it is so much easier to catch on to the excitement and be inspired to participate. I’ve personally become a better, more self-sufficient, trader since joining TradingHub and I’ve experienced more consistent gains (ranging from 2% to 30% per trade) and learned how to protect my capital by putting the right stops in place. Additionally, TH longs AND shorts stocks and I learned from his guidance and educational resources how to short, which has expanded my ability to profit. I will continue to be an active participant this community. My suggestion to you is to join the crew, or watch us make money on TH’s Twitter feed, Gangnam Style – w00t w00t!
iWood2, Crew Member
Best Around! Been in a few different chatrooms and noone compares to tradinghub. The guy is transparent and you will make money. He updates in real time all his trades in the chatroom, will continue to update on open trades, and most of all, he picks winners. Making money with TH is easy and I plan on being a long-time member.
Skip9319, Crew Member
Best live chat I have ever been in! Tried the two week free trial tradinghub offers and found out what a great site it really is. Stock picks are clearly marked, buy recommendations are great, and the community is the best out there. Great prices for what you get. Don’t really have much else to say other than it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in a chat room.
Ryelli, Crew Member
Informative. They have made some great stock picks.Clearly posted buy & sell alerts. They list their trades — so you can look back on their history – gains & losses are clearly shown. Great chat room – that is growing by the day – If you have questions – just ask & someone always responds
GMTmoney, Crew Member
Simply awesome! I am new to trading and discovering this site has helped me a lot. These guys are great stock pickers, I made huge profits by just following their alerts. The chat room is very friendly, the admin does his best to answer every single question. All positions are absolutely transparent and can be seen on the main site – check it out – their trade record is amazing!
Goldmar, Crew Member
Good place for newbies. Free StockPicks and education. Wonderful place to learn and exchange ideas with traders who know their stuff.
Alex666, Crew Member
I like the overall feel of TradingHub. The moderators or expert traders are really helpful and are up to answer any questions that I have. Entry and exit points for almost every trade, and they provide an array of investing strategies and styles. No matter how experienced you are or your trading strategy, I know this is the best website I have been to and in my opinion the best for other traders. I am very hard to please and these guys at TradingHub have bent over backwards to help me out and other traders in order for everyone to be a profitable trader. A+ tradinghub keep up the good work!
Ouduck31, Crew Member
Best You Can Find! The traders on this site are extremely knowledgeable in the trading arena. What makes this site so good is that they are willing to share that knowledge and information with people like me that are just getting started in the stock market. These guys share this information “FREE”…The information they will share with you would cost you a lot of money on other sites that are out there. Whatever kind trading you looking for: Short, Long, Swing, these guys have you covered. They are great at answering questions, predicting stocks (who doesn’t want that?), and they have to be the friendliest group of traders on the net. Every morning I make my way to their chat room before the opening bell to see what everyone is watching for that day. I recommend this website very highly and can truly say that if you follow the picks that these guys give, chances are you will make a lot of money.
Shamro, Crew Member
Makes You Money! I have been with Trading Hub for almost a year now.. even before they had a website and were just on Twitter.. if there is anything to say about T-Hub it is that they are consistent.. making huge gains regularly for the year I have been following them.. I was pretty new to trading when I first started following them.. I have learned so much from them.. at first I was just mimicking their trades and making huge bank with them.. had quite a few 20% gainers.. or #GAINBANGERS as T-Hub kindly refers to them;) But then I started asking questions about their alerts.. like why and how they know.. Trading Hub answered all my questions and was happy to help me learn.. all I had to do was ask. By following Trading Hub’s trades only, I have turned my initial capital of $5,000 into just over $21k in the year I have been following.. I could have never done that on my own. But their alerts are so good all you have to do is mimic their trades and you are guaranteed to make money.. I cannot thank T-Hub enough.. I am a subscribing member now.. and I will be with Trading Hub as long as I am trading.. the real deal!
HeroTrades, Crew Member
TradingHub is the BEST site I have ever subscribed to.. hands down! And I have been trading and subscribing to sites for 5 years now.. I am a yearly subscriber with TradingHub now… His alert on $MOTR made me huge gains.. enough to pay for an entire year of his service.. with just ONE alert!! Which brings me to the main point I wanted to review his service. THE PRICING THAT TRADING HUB OFFERS IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! NOW.. compare that to for most of these other sites 2-3 months of these other services would pay for an entire year at TradingHub.. UNREAL if you ask me.. I have belonged to all those services at some point throughout my “career”.. and I can honestly say TradingHub does it BETTER and for CHEAPER… it makes you realize how much the other sites are actually ripping people off.. Live Chat is always a blast.. they offer actual alerts that can be mimicked.. TradingHub and DarthTrader make calls in the chat room all day long.. I would HIGHLY suggest this service to all investors.. at least to check it out.. the pricing is well worth it.. and they are ‘under the radar’.. as they put it.. which they prefer and so do I.. I rated 4/5 for entertainment because in the chat room it is all business.. no nonsense like other chats I have belonged too..
CameronWeb84, Crew Member
All-In-One Trading Website! These guys have pretty much nailed what a trading website service should be. Starting with the Live Chat feature.. Moderated by two professional traders full-time.. these guys are there every day, never late.. boring day nothing happening? These guys stay in chat and occupy the time talking about current positions or educating. Chat is an open forum and members are always posting on market moves throughout the day.. very helpful to have 50 sets of eyes on the market over just your own! I couldn’t be happier with their alert system. They send out official alerts with buy/sell/stop targets! I have joined services charging 100 bucks a month or more that don’t even do this.. Everyday after market close they post a watch list for the next day.. again with buy/sell/stop TARGETS!! usually within hours.. I do not have to wait until late at night to get the list.. which gives me time to prepare for the next trading day. The watch list has been money so far.. usually at least a few good winners on there for day trade gains of 20% or more.. good work on this guys! I know a few members set up the watch list for automatic buys and sells based on the targets and have been profitable doing this alone. They also post a high quality market recap video everyday after close.. very informative and helps you wrap your head around what’s going on.. ow.. both the watch lists and videos are also emailed to you. What really sold me though was the price.. ALL below what you normally see out there.. I subscribed to they year long membership.. 1/3rd the price what I was paying at my previous service. They offer more features than the sites I have belonged to in the past.. and they do it for much less of a fee.. just goes to show me how much I was overpaying at other sites.. 10 out of 10 for these guys! Keep it up.. your hard work shows.. ~Z.W.
Zach848, Crew Member
An traders dream room! I was a little skeptical to try out a new service because loyalty is very important to me. I visited the free chatroom a couple times before I started coming here daily, just to test it out and get a feel for their trading style. I have been at a subscription service site, that I will not name for about a year now and have had some modest gains, but nothing spectacular. I felt like another name on the screen in my old chat that no one cared about. To my surprise after visiting Trading Hub a few times I started to ask question and join the daily chat — Wow talk about helpful and knowledgeable!!! These guys rock, and call out clear alerts with stop points and targets on every trade! The straw the broke the camel’s back for me was a recent pick the Trading Hub made and alerted a solid 10% before my old subscription service! These guys know there stuff, and there are a couple members I really look to and trust their advice.
Supernovaguy, Crew Member
Excellent insight – and profits! TradingHub is an excellent resource for traders to share ideas, strategies, and opportunities. In addition to the news feeds, the chat room continues to be invaluable throughout the trading day. Those who participate in the chat room each day are very knowledgeable, helpful and provide excellent insight to my trading opportunities. TradingHub and its members have improved my trading skills, strategies, and confidence. Most importantly, TradingHub and its members know how to identify the best trading opportunities – regardless of overall market action. TradingHub will be part of my trading arsenal for years to come!
StockCowboy, Crew Member
Intelligent, Insightful, Helpful, Collaborative. When I first started getting interested in the stock market over the summer, TradingHub was one of the few sites that also had a Twitter and made great calls constantly. When I had heard they had opened up a traders room, I knew I had to get in there and see what was going on. The group of guys (and maybe girls if there are any?) are very bright. Being new to the markets, they’ve helped me a lot in what terms mean, what to look out for in future stocks, when to buy, hold, and sell, and much more. The admin of THub is a very bright guy, and his trading friends are brilliant as well. A big thing about THub is that they encourage more people to come in for a more collective intelligence to do the obvious, make money. It works quite well. When we all collaborate, or even when just some collaborate while others watch, the places work out well. I’ve recommended THub to my dad and grandfather as places to watch, and they all seem to like it. THub truly has a great community.
BlueCrystal, Crew Member
Questions answered quickly, good market read and great setups. Friendly and helpful traders here. If your new to trading , this site is excellent to help build knowledge and confidence. TradingHub’s has had some really nice calls. Just be patient and you will be rewarded. traderkb.
Traderkb, Crew Member
Free StockPicks and education. Wonderful place to learn and exchange ideas with traders who know their stuff. Best of all it is free.Cant beat that one.Good Track record of stock picks that just go booooooom!
Callme, Crew Member
Friendliest chat room yet. I bought four stocks in the last two weeks and made big money in all. This site takes all the work out of picking stocks. I don’t know were they find them but I do know I could not. Portfolio is growing. Keep it up Trading Hub!
josh, Crew Member
Outstanding free chat service focused on trading setups. Free chat service and great community to discuss trade setups for long-term and short-term trading. Great community to discuss your own ideas and receive feedback as well.
Clones2, Crew Member
Great New Chatroom ..Can’t beat it. I’ve paid for several services (Who hasn’t if you’ve been around a bit..). At present, this chatroom is free and easy to use. Admittedly I’ve only been on for a couple of weeks, but so far, TradingHub has produced some excellent picks which cranked out nice profits in a very short time. All the picks, entries and exits are in front of you. There is no cherry picking as many sites revert to :”Wow! We got a 75% return on that last pick! “(And a 75% loss on the one before..Heh!). Nor is there the common pump you see on Twitter: “Gee! We called that one at 1.20 and now it’s 5.00!” (Neglecting to mention they cashed out at 1.40 and never got back in..) But the best part of the chat is the picks and exits are clearly announced and you aren’t bombarded with a multitude of stocks..Just as they come. No forcing, and you can have them text messaged to your cellphone….Pretty slick! Can’t beat it. Only thing missing really is the summary videos or posted charts explaining the entries and exits. But you probably shouldn’t be trading if you can’t read a chart anyway. At present, this room is small. I’d get my foot in the door while you still can. Kudos!
UrbaneGorilla, Crew Member
Excellent. These guys know their stuff! Been in the live chat for 2 weeks now and I have made more money on their alerts than any other service.. including the services I have paid for. The past two alerts I was in from them I sold for close to 100% gains and could have made more. Trading Hub is very helpful when asking him a question and lots of good traders in chat everyday.. The site itself is very useful.. updated news articles everyday and a morning brief.. excellent free charting service and news feed of days events.. I find the education section very useful so far if you don’t understand something and they continue to grow it.. they offer more than any other site.. including paid sites.. That is the best part.. though I suspect it won’t be free much longer with the rate it’s growing and all they offer.. The best part so far is their alerts.. very useful for me as I am not around my computer much through out the day but I make trades through my phone at work.. very useful! Best site I have found and I will be a member for a long time.. even if I have to pay! Well worth it.. could probably pay for a few months of subscriptions with just one of their alerts..
TraderJohn, Crew Member
Stock Picks that go Booooooooooooooooooom! I really like the community TH.co has to offer. A great place to bounce ideas off fellow knowledgeable traders and also a great place to get some Boom Boom stock picks. Free of charge and one of the best LIVE CHATS I have ever been a part of. The community is growing everyday and it’s not your normal DTing chat where you have to pay to get access. Overall I am really happy with TH!
AlexDeLaHaze, Crew Member